A little about me...
Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, I have always lived near the west coast of North America, from Los Angeles to Whistler. Spending twenty plus years in the Cowichan Valley, BC (southern Vancouver Island), I developed a deep love and appreciation of nature.
I have been practising photography on some level for 40+ years. I am motivated first by the beauty I find in nature and have found photography to be a good way to share what I see and feel.
Living in Coquitlam, BC, on the west coast of Canada, I am lucky to have some of North Americas most beautiful coastal forests right at my doorstep. I've had my images published in Canadian Geographic, local newspapers and was selected by the Province of British Columbia for a collaborative project named 'PicBC'.
Along with photography, I enjoy birding, hiking, and just being outdoors.
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